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Premium Media

Premium media solutions are about buying HIGH IMPACT media placements across leading publications on either a CPM or CPC bases. PerformDM have partnered up with leading publications and built cutting edge private networks to ensure your brand is making the best impact on its desired target audience.

PerformDM run one of Africa's largest trading desk supported by an internal team of number crunchers. At PerformDM the proof is the programmatic pudding; it is with this in mind that we dont outsource optimisation to other markets. Our RTB system is custom built for Africa, plugging into well over 100 different media partners. 

Deezer is one of South Africa's leading streaming music services with 710 000 unique users. Streaming music is the future of Music on the continent. Now brands have the ability to target this unique digital savvy audience. Media bought on a CPM / CPV basis offer a great mix for all campaigns. Deezer offers full custom solutions for brands.

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WeTransfer is Africa's largest ad unit, a full page placement that delivers a one on one communication with the end user. BIG BOLD and BEAUTIFUL. With over 550 000 unique users in SA and growing markets in both Kenya and Nigeria WeTransfer has become on of the most sort after advertising mediums for all schedules are the makers of Africa's #1 game CandyCrush amongst others. With over 20m users in Africa this highly targeted advertising medium is taking the continent by storm. Custom targeting, GDPR and MOAT compliant, this network of leading games offers so much more for brands. Dont miss out on our latest in country specials.

KingBrand_masterLogo_1000x686.png is Africa’s premier live score portal. predominantly focuses on Football but also covers Cricket, Tennis, BasketBall and Hockey. offers a full set of insights into every game and has a passionate and dedicated user base.

With over 20 million users in Africa and 250 million monthly impressions LiveScore can offer unrivalled reach.

Gamification is fast taking over our desktops and mobile phones. Branded Mini-Games is an effective digital marketing solution that transforms your brand into and engaging advergame with social competitions. With over 250 game templates Branded Mini-Games has a game waiting for you.

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Super Awesome is Africa's only fully GDPR and MOAT compliant network that specialise in advertising to teenagers and children under 13. This custom network is the only solution to ensure your brand can engage with this influential market and at the same time ensure they are compliant with protection regulations. Global leading brands HASBRO and MATTEL have experienced just what Super Awesome has to offer, so can you.

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